Chosen by Blood (Para-Ops, #1)

Chosen by Blood (Para-Ops, #1) - Virna DePaul This one was very, very good. I wasn't a fan of how it ended, to me, it wasn't a happy ending, or at least not as happy as it could/should have been. I know it's nitpicky but c'est la vie. The emotions were so strong you could feel them. There were times where I was gasping or choking back tears. Felicia was a woman of her convictions, and I appreciated that, and Knox was uber sexy. Will I read the others in the series? Probably not, but that's only because I do not like series where I start off with one couple and than the next book is a different couple. When I get invested in a couple, I like to stick with that couple. Give this book a try, you won't be sorry.