Canyons of Night (Arcane Society,#12)(Harmony, #8)(Looking Glass Trilogy,#3) - Jayne Castle I know alot of people complain about how JAK's books are formulaic, and they ARE in a way, but each character brings a little something different, a little something extra to every book she writes.This book's plot is the usual, boy saves girl as a child, girl falls in love with boy, boy leaves to find himself, they meet again many years later, etc. It works, I truly liked the characters, both the main characters and the secondary characters. Slade was brooding and sexy, and Charlotte was easy to love, she was normal, her personailty wasn't one extreme or the other, she was just..normal. Rex, the dust bunny...I love the dust bunny's in her stories and Rex was definitely no exception, he was such a character and a lot more feral than the other dust bunnies we've seen. This book made me laugh out loud at some parts (they were supposed to be funny, and they definitely were). The 'suspense' portion of the book was actually the weakest part of the book, but still enjoyable. When Slade enters his house and comes face to face with one of Bridewell's inventions I definitely cringed, we've see what those things can do!All in all I really enjoyed this book, and an looking forward to the next one set on Rainshadow Island.