Kiss of the Rose (Tudor Vampire Chronicles, #1) - Kate Pearce Whew! Vampires, Tudors, King Henry of the many wives, mortal enemies become lovers, welshmen, a series following the same characters, awesome covers, how can you go wrong?? The answer is: very simply. However, I thank my lucky stars that this is not the case with this book! This book is richly vibrant in history while still being believable in the paranormal spectrum. Amazing characters, great depth, you can really feel their anguish, and they had quite a bit of it. I stayed up until 2am to finish this book, and my first thought when it was over was something along the lines of "omg, I need to read the next one right now!" fortunately cooler heads prevailed...for now.I have such a love for the House of Tudor and for that time period, I was truly thrilled to find a book (series) that focuses on that time period in it's whole, not just on the time of one of the wives. Case in point Katherine of Aragon is already on her way out at the end of this book which means Anne Boleyn is stepping up to the plate, I'm really interested to see how the books handle the transition since the heroine has a great love for the queen. The hero is extremely sexy, he's dark, snarky, sensual, moody and vulnerable. He is the one man with whom the heroine feels free to be herself: strong enough to kick ass, but vulnerable and feminine enough to want to cuddle into him. I highly recommend this book to all lovers of vampires, history, and/or romance.