As She's Told

As She's Told - Anneke Jacob I enjoy well-written bdsm stories. I've got a pretty open mind and I like to push it's limits. I wish I had never decided to read this book. It started out good, you could feel the connection between Anders and Maia, but as the book went on, the connection disappeared. It disappeared until Anders was an egotistical jackass and Maia was...nothing. Literally nothing, there was NOTHING there. 24/7 TPE is acceptable to me, but when you don't take better care of your slave than you would of your dog, when you treat her WORSE than your pets, that's when I have a problem. When you punish your slave for NO reason that's when we start getting into the abuse spectrum. When you beat your slave because you 'had a bad day' that's a problem. I just want Maia to stand up and walk out, surely anyone would treat her better than Anders. Anders is a pitiful excuse for a human being, and his friends aren't much better.This kindle version of this book it rife with spelling errors and poor formatting.Read this book at your own risk, but don't expect a happy book by any means.