Animal Magnetism (Animal, #1)

Animal Magnetism (Animal, #1) - Jill Shalvis This book was so freaking adorable! Y'all should give it a shot because it had me laughing out loud and highlighting lines like crazy on my kindle. One of my favorite phrases is one that the women use when displeased with the men, they call them "p*nis-carrying humans"The plot was great, Brady was uber-sexy and I really liked Lilah, she was strong, and NOT one of those heroine who's all "yea, we'll keep this super casual....5 min later....i love you! let's get married!" She actually did her damnedest to keep things casual because she thought that's what Brady wanted. This book had me rolling in the aisles, grinning like a fool, and going 'awwwwwww' a lot. If you're looking for a happy, feel-good, smiley book with super cute animals...this is the one for you! :)