Assassin's Honor

Assassin's Honor - Monica Burns So you get 2 super secret psychic societies, a sexy archaeologist, a missing artifact, sex, cryptic warnings, etc. etc. Anyone else getting Indiana Jones vibes? Me first, but really they're not related.Ares (yes that's really his name) was sooo sexy, dark, brooding, dangerous, first, but than he had to ruin it by getting feelings . Now don't get me wrong, feelings are great, but not when it turns the man into a sap. I mean, once the feelings came into it, the dark, brooding, dangerous etc etc. pretty much disappeared.Emma was a great heroine, really relatable and very stubborn, which means you start feeling bad for Ares at some point.Of course there's the necessary life or death situations, the misunderstandings (aLOT of those) the whole nine yards.All that being said, it is worth a read, and I really did enjoy it.