Moonlight Warrior

Moonlight Warrior - Janet Chapman I really didn't like this one that much. I liked the heroine, liked her family and friends, but I HATED the hero. He was like some holier than thou dipstick who acted like he knew better than the heroine and FORCED her to do things his way. I'm sorry, but if my mom had dementia (or Alzheimer's or w/e it was, it wasn't made clear) and she went on a walk down to the ocean and had been gone a long time I would want to make sure she was OK, but the hero acted like it was foolish of her to want to go check on her mother and forcibly stopped her from doing it. Than, later on in the story he acted all concerned about the mother "Oh I think she's getting worse" that kind of thing. I just wanted to grab him and shake him and tell Eve to move out and find someone else because almost ANYONE would be better.