Shadow Rising (Dark Dynasties, #3) - Kendra Leigh Castle I have a major weakness for books where the hero calls the heroine “Kitten” like a huge weakness. This book did not disappoint. This is the 3rd boo k in the series by Kendra Leigh Castle, we got to know the hero in the previous books, and I absolutely adored learning more about Damien. He was such a sympathetic character but never crossed the line into pity. He was wounded but he covered all of that with a devil may care attitude it was great watching Ariane get under his skin and burrow her way to his heart. Ariane’s naivety actually charms and does not come across fake in any way, it comes across as real, and her sass makes her interesting. There were points where she fell a little flat, but overall she was definitely a wonderful heroine for Damien. They were wonderful together, and watching Damien come to understand what she really meant to him was fantastic. There was a lot of drama, but it didn’t seem over the top in any way, everything fit.The evil is growing and some good guys got corrupted along the way, we finally have a Big Bad for this series, something that was previously lacking, I’m looking forward to seeing how the different factions react to this new common foe. I’m giving this book: Shadow Rising by Kendra Leigh Castle a 4 out of 5 stars.